Sandy Hook


A few months ago the horrific shooting occurred at Sandy Hook elementary. This was a horrible crisis because children were injured and many of them were murdered. Heroes formed from the situation and teachers and staff members were recognized. The following hours after the shooter entered the school were crucial and a few mistakes occurred. The media had the incorrect identity of the shooter and they had to quickly fix the mistake. Although situations like this have happened in the past, it may not be common for an elementary school to have an up to date crisis plan because it seems unimaginable that something like this could happen.

It was an immediate crisis and officials had to respond immediately because of the danger of the students and employees inside. It was critical how the response was handled because if something went slightly wrong more deaths and injuries could have occurred. Even the response of the employees helped prevent injuries to the children and that is when the teachers were honored as being heroes.

It was also critical to inform the parents of the students about the shootings and to keep them under control. As you can imagine, the parents would be freaking out and wanting to know everything that was known about what was going on inside. The spokesperson for the news conferences had to respect those who had died and those who were injured and not release names yet. This is important in any crisis situation where people are killed.

It is also important to follow a strict recovery plan. Counseling sessions were offered to those who were effective by this tragic act. There were memorials in memory of those who died and these memorials should continue yearly. Also in the days following the crisis, many rumors were being spread. It is important to respond to these rumors and correct them.

Social media played a huge part in this crisis. Memorial Facebook pages were created and pictures were all over the internet of those who passed away. “Hashtags” were formed on Twitter and posts were all over the internet about people’s thoughts on the situation. Obviously people were in outrage over the evil act that was committed by the shooter. This two way communication allowed people to share the sorrows and support for the recovery of the situation. This is important because during crises people do have a lot of important things to share.

Overall, this was a huge crisis and it was hard to respond because of all the chaos. Sandy Hook and the community did a great job in the midst of the crisis and the country came together to share their support.


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