Letters to the President and Senator


A few weeks ago there were letters poisoned with ricen sent to the president and a senator. The letter was intercepted before President Obama opened it, but they were tested in labs to determine what exactly was in the letter. The crisis management for this situation would be extremely important due to the threat behind the message. Years ago there was an anthrax break out that was being sent to various political leaders in the mail. Because of prodromes like that, it is always important to be extremely secure and over analyze situations to keep leaders safe. If officials weren’t overly protecting these people, things could get out of hand if threats came like this too often. Since the Feds made an arrest and have the suspect in custody, it doesn’t mean they can let up on the protection.

Understand the dangers of the situation and responding to the media are important. News conferences dealing with this situation should be truthful and explain the details of the situation to prevent fear among the public. Since this is an immediate crisis, it is important that there is a crisis management plan available for the first hours after the crisis. I am sure that there is a plan because of past experiences and the threat made towards different presidents and political leaders. The first hours are crucial because that is when the Feds are investigating full force to determine the source of the threat. It is also necessary for the public relations team to respond to the media with press releases and various other tactics.
In this specific crisis, the response was good and handled in a good manner.


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