Carnival Triumph


A recent crisis in 2013 was the fire in the engine room on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship. This incident basically shut the ship down and stranded over 4,000 passengers and employees in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Since this crisis was made a big deal over the news, Carnival should have handled the situation better over social media.

For the most part they mainly used Facebook posts to update the public about the situation. They should have used Twitter more because it is easier to inform people that way. Also, on Twitter the company was mentioned in hashtags like “cruisefromhell” that was not helping their reputation. It took the company about 4 days to use social media after the cruise was stuck. Also, they should have used two-way communication over social media by responding to comments that people had posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Overall, the crisis management could have been handled better. Since it was a bad situation for the company and there were people stranded in the ocean, they should have done all they could in a positive manner to keep people thinking they are doing all they can and are sincerely sorry. It would have just helped with their reputation.


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