California Wildfires


There has been a recent outbreak of wildfires out west in California. This has caused damage to over 28,000 acres of land which included people’s homes. People have had to evacuate the areas while fire fighters try to put the huge fires out. This is a crisis because it caused such a large amount of damage and disrupted the normal ways of life for those that live in the area. Millions of dollars are being spent to fight the fires which is a financial crisis in itself. People are in danger trying to contain the fire and there have been a few injuries.

It was important that officials and fire fighters responded to the crisis so that the surrounding public was safe. They had to communicate effectively to the media to also keep the nation as a whole up to date with the situation. It is also important that the cause of the fires are immediately under investigation to prevent further fires in the areas.

Social media could be an effective method to update the details because of the wide spread use of it. Since so many people use Twitter and Facebook it would be important to use it to inform the public. Also, blogs could be effective. All these methods would enable two way communication to hear what the public is saying about the situation.

A crisis plan would be needed for such a situation and I would assume that there was one in use because of the commonality of wild fires out west. Following such a plan would help communicate with the media appropriately, use specific tactics to prevent further fires, understand how to handle the fires on the officials side, and so much more. I understand that these plans can be used for all sorts of situations.


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