Boston Marathon


The Boston Marathon bombing that happened a few weeks ago, was a sudden crisis that our nation was faced with. It was a horrible act of violence where innocent people died and were injured. Not only were hundreds of people hurt, but among those who died was an 8-year-old boy. Since this was such a huge crisis, the management was very important and involved a lot of people. People at the scene of the bombings helped those injured and did all that they could to prevent more injuries and get the help needed. The FBI quickly went under way to find who was responsible for the attack.

Since it was such a horrific act, there it was important that the spokesperson for the media issued a sincere statement to inform the public about all that happened. Since social media is extremely popular, it was useful for the FBI to figure out the suspects. Pictures were posted of the 2 men and captions asking if anyone recognized them. These pictures were all over Facebook which obviously has millions of users.

Also, it was important that those who died and were injured remained unknown to the public until family members were informed. This is respectful and ethical to do so for the sake of the family and victims. Slowly the information came out and there were memorials held in memory. This was such a horrible thing to happen at the marathon because it was a family oriented atmosphere where people were there for support of those they loved. It is important that there are reports on the updates about the situation as well. There should be a memorial next year at this time for those who lost loved ones and for those that weer injured this past April. Crises strike and it takes a lot of people to work together to handle it appropriately.


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