Poll: Obama opens substantial leads in key swing states


In this article it explains how Obama is winning pretty dramatically in some key states. Both presidents will be campaigning hard for these states but as of the time the article was written, Obama was winning with a comfortable lead. It explains how it isn’t over yet for Romney either. According to the recent polls from CBS news, in all three states: Pennsylvania, Florida and Ohio, Obama “is seen as better able to handle the economy. And in all three states, majorities of voters think Romney’s policies will favor the rich.” I think that part of the reason Romney is viewed this way is because of his recent 47% comment that got out in an interview.

I personally have not been keeping up entirely with the upcoming presidential election. However, in the past few weeks I feel like I have been more knowledgable and willing to engage in the election. The recent presidential debate I thought that Romney ran the show and Obama needs to practice if he is looking to stand a chance in the next two debates.

I think it will be very interesting to see how the election turns out. Especially because in the article it stated how the republicans seem to be more enthusiastic to vote this year. I think that it will be a tight race and both candidates have a limited amount of time to get there final say in to persuade the voters.


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