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It makes me so sad that we will graduate next year. Maybe this time next year I will actually be ready but I doubt it! I am jealous you live in the KD house, I was debating on living in the Zeta house next year but opted not to because of the fact that I am just lazy and don’t want to pack!


It sounds like you had a tough semester! I did too! I got a job this year and it taught me how to actually get my work done a long time before due. Not that it actually happened a lot. I am so happy you got a great internship next summer! I hope it all works out for you!!

End of year comments


Reflection of the semester


I really enjoyed taking online public relations writing. Although it would have been nice to meet in the class, taking an online class really worked with my schedule! I made it a priority to do every piece of the module every week and not forget. After forgetting to do one part of the blog on the first module, I was nervous I would do that throughout the semester. I learned a lot in this class because of the weekly assignments. In a lot of my classes we will just have tests or assignments due at the end of the semester. In this class however, it helped to stay on top of things by having weekly assignments. I especially like the twitter assignment because I already used twitter. I don’t think I would change anything about this class either. I really enjoyed it and actually learned. I have trouble with online class sometimes because I just do the necessary work and don’t put much time into it. I think it was probably because I didn’t actually like the online classes I took in the past. I am not graduating until next year so I will be able to take what I learned in this class and use it in my pr classes next semester! I hope I get in A in this class because I really need it!! 🙂