The 2012 baseball season started recently. Are you a fan? Fan or not, if you worked for the public relations team at one of the 30 major league teams, what would you suggest to entice people to come to a game? Special prices? Giveaways? Be specific in what you would do. Remember, it’s easier to have fans in the seats when your team is winning. Therefore, come up with two plans: one, if the team is doing well and a second, when the team is in a slump.

First off I think it would be so much fun to work with ones of the teams on a public relations team! However, sitting here thinking about ideas on how to entice people to come makes me realize how hard it must be. I have always been the customer and not having to think about what ACTUALLY makes me want to go to the games. If my team wasn’t doing too hot I think that it would be a lot harder, obviously, to bring people in. Therefore having great deals and more incentives would help. I think that maybe coming up with a great group rate or package deal would attract big crowds of people. I also think that having certain nights of the week designated to special food or beverage deals would help too. I remember that the last Braves game I went to my section got a free cup because we were randomly chosen. I think that doing something like this but with a better prize would make the experience that much more fun as well. Perhaps bringing the players into it would help too. Maybe winning a free signed item or being able to meet some of the players would help. I think that if the team was doing really well, it would help to bring more people by doing a lot less than if they were losing. I think that giving great deals on the food and drinks would be key here. Also, having some nights admission tickets cheaper would help too. Going to the games have become ridiculously expensive and holds a lot of people back.


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  1. I had similar ideas on incentives to keep people at the games if my team were doing well. Freebies with food go hand in hand. I know I love free food and it would be a nice reward if I was a regular at these games.

  2. You have a lot of great ideas on how to encourage people to come to the games. I love the idea of a randomly chosen section to get a surprise. It is fun to get randomly picked for a surprise and I think that fans will be encouaged to come back for more games.

  3. Being given a chance to meet the players is always cool. Fans get some autographs and get to socialize with the hometown 9 (or in some cases 10) along with the other players on the team.

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