If I could Travel Anywhere!


If you had the resources and the time, where would you want to travel? Why? What is it about the locations that make it desirable for you to want to visit?

Outside of the United States I have only traveled to Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. However, this summer I am going to London and I also plan on visiting Ireland and Paris. I am studying abroad so I had limited choices to choose from compared to all the countries in the world. I am so excited to travel and look forward to everything I do there!

However, there are numerous other places I would love to travel to. I have always wanted to go to Australia because of everything I have seen and heard about it. I just think it’s so cool how far away it is too. I think that going to Greece would be a great experience because of how different it is from America. Basically I think it would be so interesting to travel to places that are out of my comfort zone and drastically different than America (and I don’t mean just culturally). I would love to have the time to travel all of Europe because there is so much to see! I am super excited that I get to go to Paris for a weekend because it seems so surreal to me. We hear about all these places and learn so much but rarely have the oppurtunity to actually go there!!


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