Twitter Experience


I have had a Twitter for a while now so this assignment was nothing new to me. However, it did make me aware of what sorts of things I should be tweeting if I wanted to engage other people in a topic or conversation. I will continue using obviously because I had it before but I think I am going to tweet more interesting things. Right now my friends and I just tweet funny things that happened or some places we are going. It is funny and interesting to us but no one else really cares. I also think that this experience has shown me a wider variety of people to follow. I use twitter and find myself laughing at funny tweets and stuff but now I follow more PR people and social media sites. I think that tweeting about things in the news made me look at more things going on and I learned some interesting things that other people posted as well. Replying to people’s tweets and engaging in a conversation is not something that I used to do when I tweeted before this assignment. I also, think that this assignment helped me realize what is appropriate to tweet when I have certain people following me! I think that I am not the most engaging person when it comes to Twitter but I find myself looking at what other people tweet and stuff. Hopefully, that this experience will help me tweet more and more interesting things instead of status type tweets. I also use Twitter because I find out things going on by looking at things that are trending. I have heard of disastrous events and people’s deaths from twitter! It is so interesting that Twitter has allowed for people to find out news faster than a lot of other sources. So, all in all my experience for this class was great:)


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