My Favorite Childhood Show


When I was younger I feel like TV shows were a lot different than they are now. Disney Channel has gone downhill in me before e y opinion (I have younger siblings so I am sometimes forced to watch it) and same with the children morning shows that I used to watch all the time. Some of my favorite shows include Hey Arnold, Lizzie McGuire, The Thornberry’s, and Rocket Power. When I was much younger I liked shows like The Big Comfy Couch, Barney, and Bananas in Pajamas. It is hard for me to choose a show that I would want to bring back though! However, if I really had to choose one, I would pick one that I would still enjoy today. That would probably mean I would want shows like Saved By the Bell, Full House and Boy Meets World to come back.

So, all in all, I think that I would choose Saved By the Bell. I remember I would wake up every morning and flip this show on and watch it before school. I love when I actually get up early enough and they sometimes have reruns of the show on. I think it would be great if they started the show up again! I do love shows that are on now (for my age) but I still stand by my opinion where I think children shows have become worse than they used to be! I feel lucky to have the shows on when I had them:)


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  1. I completely forgot all about Saved by the Bell! I, too, used to watch the show every morning before school. My siblings and I were obsessed with it! I agree that you said you would want to bring back a show that you would still enjoy today and I think Saved by the Bell is a great pick!

  2. I completely agree on Disney going downhill since we were young. Whenever I’m babysitting or just flipping through the channels, I’ll see what Disney is playing and just shake my head.
    Saved by the Bell was awesome. I wanted to be in their friend group so bad! My dad and and I watched this together a lot- such a funny show!

  3. Like everyone else said, I completely agree!!! Disney Channel is not what it used to be! I use to like all the shows like ‘Boy Meets World’, ‘Lizzie McGuire’ and others, and now-a-days all you see are shows where there either is not a point of showing it, or shows that are about magic and nonsense that cannot really happen. Although I am a huge Harry Potter fan, Disney Channel should show the types of shows they use to when we were younger. It is funny that you brought up ‘Big Comfy Couch’ because I completely forgot about that show!

  4. I completely agree with the Disney Channel! All of those shows when we were kids were great and now they’re not good at all! My sister is 10 years younger and watches iCarly and something with witches and I sit there thinking these are awful!

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