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MLB comments


Sarah Russell
I am so jealous you got that internship! I bet you will learn a lot from it that will help you if that is something that you want to do in the future. I think that the Braves definitely do a good job of bringing in the crowd but hopefully they have a good season so it won’t be hard!!

Britni Ellison
I think that doing family packages is a great idea because that can bring in a lot of people. I think a lot of the time huge families don’t come because of how expensive it could get. However, doing a package would bring in all these new fans and customers!




The 2012 baseball season started recently. Are you a fan? Fan or not, if you worked for the public relations team at one of the 30 major league teams, what would you suggest to entice people to come to a game? Special prices? Giveaways? Be specific in what you would do. Remember, it’s easier to have fans in the seats when your team is winning. Therefore, come up with two plans: one, if the team is doing well and a second, when the team is in a slump.

First off I think it would be so much fun to work with ones of the teams on a public relations team! However, sitting here thinking about ideas on how to entice people to come makes me realize how hard it must be. I have always been the customer and not having to think about what ACTUALLY makes me want to go to the games. If my team wasn’t doing too hot I think that it would be a lot harder, obviously, to bring people in. Therefore having great deals and more incentives would help. I think that maybe coming up with a great group rate or package deal would attract big crowds of people. I also think that having certain nights of the week designated to special food or beverage deals would help too. I remember that the last Braves game I went to my section got a free cup because we were randomly chosen. I think that doing something like this but with a better prize would make the experience that much more fun as well. Perhaps bringing the players into it would help too. Maybe winning a free signed item or being able to meet some of the players would help. I think that if the team was doing really well, it would help to bring more people by doing a lot less than if they were losing. I think that giving great deals on the food and drinks would be key here. Also, having some nights admission tickets cheaper would help too. Going to the games have become ridiculously expensive and holds a lot of people back.

Travel Blog Comments


Ali McConnell
I said Australia too! I just am so intrigued by how far away it is and how much diversity there is in the country/continent. I do forget that it is its own continent too! But I have seen movies and pictures of Austrlia and it just looks like it would be such a fun and adventurous place to go!

Collin Bryant
I am actually going to Ireland for a weekend this summer because I will be in London for a month. It isn’t somewhere I automatically think of visiting becausae I forget about how beautiful it really is. have ancestors from there as well so I have to go sometime!

If I could Travel Anywhere!


If you had the resources and the time, where would you want to travel? Why? What is it about the locations that make it desirable for you to want to visit?

Outside of the United States I have only traveled to Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. However, this summer I am going to London and I also plan on visiting Ireland and Paris. I am studying abroad so I had limited choices to choose from compared to all the countries in the world. I am so excited to travel and look forward to everything I do there!

However, there are numerous other places I would love to travel to. I have always wanted to go to Australia because of everything I have seen and heard about it. I just think it’s so cool how far away it is too. I think that going to Greece would be a great experience because of how different it is from America. Basically I think it would be so interesting to travel to places that are out of my comfort zone and drastically different than America (and I don’t mean just culturally). I would love to have the time to travel all of Europe because there is so much to see! I am super excited that I get to go to Paris for a weekend because it seems so surreal to me. We hear about all these places and learn so much but rarely have the oppurtunity to actually go there!!

Twitter Experience


I have had a Twitter for a while now so this assignment was nothing new to me. However, it did make me aware of what sorts of things I should be tweeting if I wanted to engage other people in a topic or conversation. I will continue using obviously because I had it before but I think I am going to tweet more interesting things. Right now my friends and I just tweet funny things that happened or some places we are going. It is funny and interesting to us but no one else really cares. I also think that this experience has shown me a wider variety of people to follow. I use twitter and find myself laughing at funny tweets and stuff but now I follow more PR people and social media sites. I think that tweeting about things in the news made me look at more things going on and I learned some interesting things that other people posted as well. Replying to people’s tweets and engaging in a conversation is not something that I used to do when I tweeted before this assignment. I also, think that this assignment helped me realize what is appropriate to tweet when I have certain people following me! I think that I am not the most engaging person when it comes to Twitter but I find myself looking at what other people tweet and stuff. Hopefully, that this experience will help me tweet more and more interesting things instead of status type tweets. I also use Twitter because I find out things going on by looking at things that are trending. I have heard of disastrous events and people’s deaths from twitter! It is so interesting that Twitter has allowed for people to find out news faster than a lot of other sources. So, all in all my experience for this class was great:)

Comments on Favorite Childhood Shows


Kathleen Brown:
I LOVED both those shows! These are the shows that I wish would still replay on Nickolodeon and Disney Channel. Not the weird shows that they play now… I used to sit and watch Rugrats for hours on end and never get bored. My little brother loves the shows that he watches, but I think he would appreciate our shows a lot better!

Sarah Russell
Boy Meets World was great! I loved so many shows from my childhood but I was tempted to choose a show that I could still enjoy at the age of 21. I chose Saved By the Bell, but this show, Sister Sister, Full House, and Even Stevens were up there!!

My Favorite Childhood Show


When I was younger I feel like TV shows were a lot different than they are now. Disney Channel has gone downhill in me before e y opinion (I have younger siblings so I am sometimes forced to watch it) and same with the children morning shows that I used to watch all the time. Some of my favorite shows include Hey Arnold, Lizzie McGuire, The Thornberry’s, and Rocket Power. When I was much younger I liked shows like The Big Comfy Couch, Barney, and Bananas in Pajamas. It is hard for me to choose a show that I would want to bring back though! However, if I really had to choose one, I would pick one that I would still enjoy today. That would probably mean I would want shows like Saved By the Bell, Full House and Boy Meets World to come back.

So, all in all, I think that I would choose Saved By the Bell. I remember I would wake up every morning and flip this show on and watch it before school. I love when I actually get up early enough and they sometimes have reruns of the show on. I think it would be great if they started the show up again! I do love shows that are on now (for my age) but I still stand by my opinion where I think children shows have become worse than they used to be! I feel lucky to have the shows on when I had them:)