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Comments on Places in the Boro


Patty Feole

I love going to the pool and places outside during the hot weather!! Right now as I am writing this I am sitting on my back porch in my bathing suit haha! I got off work and knew I had homeworm but wanted to go to the pool so I compromised by kind of doing both! Even though it gets hot here it is always refershing going to the pool and appreciating this southern weather!

Ali Mcconnell

I know how you feel coming from around Atlanta to down here. It is always a nice treat to go home and actually go places! However, I agree with you that as long as your with friends and stuff down here there is always something to do! I think that we make our own fun down here and it hasn’t turned that old to me yet.


Things to do in the Boro


As a college student, my favorite things to do in the boro are hanging out with my friends. Whether we are going out or hanging out at someone’s house, I always have fun with them. We love to go to Dingus for happy hour and to go out. Also, depending on the weather, I love to go to the pool because it is always refershing  in this hot weather. I guess I like to go out to eat at places like El Some, Tokyo and Gatas as well. When I have friends come in town I normally take them to the places I always go to because I like to show them what a typical day/weekend consists of here. Sometimes I wish there was more to do here, but I love it still! I can always go to Savannah and go shopping there as well.

When my parents come they always take me out to eat at El Som. However, last weekend my mom came and I showed her my new favorite place to go, Tokyo. It has the best lunch special and me and my best friend go there every single weekend! I also take them to Dingus so they can see what we actually do with our lives when they’re not around!! It’s funny becaue this past weekend when my mom was here she said she would take me shopping. Instead of going to cute stores here, we end up at a scrub store buying three pairs because of my job at the doctor’s office!

All in all, when I have visitors come stay with me, I normally just show them all the places I go and let them join in on it. Statesboro is definitely growing and it will be intersting to see what places come here over the next few years!!

Comments on Freshmen year


I agree with you completely on this. When I graduated I did want to go to college and had good intentions in mind, however, I know many people that failed out because they didn’t understand what it took to be in college away from home. I think it is great that you came back to school with all the right intentions and made the Dean’s list. I bet you made your family very proud!!

Reading yours made me laugh because that was what I was trying to write in my blog to some degree. I think that being a freshmen is the perfect opportunity to meet people and I wish that I had come into college single too. It would be funny to see what would be different about my life and how different my freshmen year would be. This is definitely a blog post I agree with and think that people should go by this!! haha

Incoming Freshmen


I had a really fun freshmen year and there are so many things that I will never forget, however, out of all my years in college so far, my freshmen year is the one year I would change some things. I came to school a little apprehensive, but I wasn’t necessarily home sick. I think that I am still young and immature, but looking back I think I have grown in many ways. My freshmen year I hung out with a lot of my friends from high school whom I am still very close with. I know they are people I will keep in my life forever and I cherish every moment I have spent with them. My one regret though is that I didn’t meet as many people as I have the past two years since being a freshmen. I have come to learn that I love meeting people and being around people. I have become more confident and know what I want to do with my life. Although the future overwhelms me sometimes, I feel as though I am preparing myself now more than I did two years ago. I also, feel like I got hung up over a boy my freshmen year and I think things could be different if I wasn’t that way. If I was the person I am now and went back to my freshmen year, I know that I would have done things a whole lot different.

It’s not like I am kicking myself over my past, I just sometimes think about it and know that I would have had a different freshmen year. When all my friends were out living their wild freshmen year, I wasn’t as concerned with meeting all these new people and establishing a new life here in Statesboro. Don’t get me wrong, I went out and had a lot of fun, I just have noticed the difference over the years. I think that things happen for a reason and I hate dwelling on the past, but I guess that this is one of the only things I would have changed my freshmen year. Compared to other people, I think that I had a pretty great life two years ago and know that I would much rather have this regret compared to some other people’s. A lot of my friends failed and had to leave, so I guess I had it pretty good!

10 Books Every Pro Should Read


So out of those books I have read one. I am sad to say that the one book I read was “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea.” I read a lot of books in high school and I do love to read, but I feel like I don’t make enough free time for it. I have been wanting to read “The Hunger Games” and the “Dragon Tattoo”, but I just have not had the time. I hope over the summer I can catch up on my reading and add these other books to my list. My sister and dad read “The Hunger Games” and they absolutely loved it. I am not sure how it is helpful to public relation professionals, but I hope that it interests me as much as it does to everyone else.

I think that some other books that would help public relations professionals would be the “The Help” because of how the characters act with eachother and look out for one another. I think that what they do with the stories of the women, is really good for the public to hear. Sharing such stories can create people to think about an issue and make the public aware. Other than that I can’t think of any books right now, but I do think that any and all books could help any professional to explore their imagination!!