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Dream Job Comments


Sarah Russell

I totally agree with you on not knowing exactly what you want to do. I think that entertainment pr would be really fun and interesting because of all the different things you could do with it. It makes me nervous because I feel like everyone is going to be competing for the same jobs so we are going to all have to step up our game! In the end though I feel like a job that pays me decently right out of college would be ideal, that way I can work my way up to what I really want to do.

Sydney Brown

That is so cool! I had no idea that you got this intern! I am so jealous of you. I feel like this is perfect because of your background in tennis and your major. I hope that it really prepares you to achieve your dream job because this could definitely be a huge opportunity. Good luck with everything this summer!!


So what is my dream job?


I don’t have a set dream job but I do have certain ideas about what I would like to see myself doing in the future. I think I would like to do something associated with sports. It would be so much fun doing PR work for a pro sports team or something! The downside to this is it is a competitive field. When I talk to people about what they want to do with PR, I always hear the entertainments industry, the sports industry or event planning. So this makes me very nervous. I do stress out about this because I sometimes don’t know how to make myself stand out. This year I have joined PRSSA and have become involved with that and I do a lot of stuff with my sorority. I also have a good job right now that I really enjoy and think it would look good to people hiring me. To stand out even more, I plan on networking and attending conferences and workshops where I can meet professionals who can help me.

PR seems to be all about networking and I am kind of intimidated by this. I always think why would someone hire me, but hopefully networking in the future will give me that extra boost. Basically, I don’t have a set dream job but I do know that I want a GREAT job that I enjoy going to. I want to have something that pays me for something that I love to do. I look meeting people and talking with people so I hope that I can find something that fits my qualities.

Comment on Time Travel


Shauntae Prince

This is great! Who doesn’t want to go back to see the Spice Girls. That was such a great time in our lives! Also, seeing Martin Luther King’s speech would definitely make me appreciate things that we only learn about in our history books. I loved your list and I agree that I wouldn’t go back to change things but to live something that we can only dream about.

Leanna Luckett

I think it is interesting to read everyone’s ideas. I love this time period and would definitely observe such a different lifestyle than we live today. I also put in my blog that I would not want to change history. I think that I put this because it is scary to think how one small event can spiral to a huge change in the future. Plus it always seems like such a disaster in the movies!!

Where would you go?


If time travel were possible, what would you do? Where would you go? Why did you choose to visit there? If you were to go back in time, would you worry about how one small change could affect the future?

Time travel seems so real when I watch TV or movies. However, it is something that humans only dream of in reality. I think that the concept of time travel is really interesting but I feel like it would be so hard to pick one moment I would want to go back in time to experience. If there were no dangers or chances I would mess up the future, I think that it would definitely be something I would do. Oh, and I would want to come back to the present time whenever I was ready. I would probably want to go back to a time that I was not yet born for. The 1960s would definitely be an interesting time to go back to. First off, my parents would just be being born through that era and I think it would be really funny to see them as young kids. I would want to visit a time when music seemed to influence people on a different level than it does today and people had such a free mind-set. I think that there were a lot of changes occurring during this time and lifestyles were changing because of it. I think that any time period would be “interesting” to go back to because we only learn about them in our history books. We don’t know what it was like to actually live it. 

I would be nervous to go back in time if I had the slightest chance of messing up the future. I would not want to come back to the present time and my life be completely different. That is something that only happens in movies! That would be a nightmare. I guess if my life was a disaster beforehand, I wouldn’t care, but I am sure that I would not want to jeopardize the future. Time travel will always be something that we see on TV but it is something that makes us think…

Valentine’s Day Comments


Kathleen Brown:

I can definitely relate to your blog! I don’t like how single people feel the need to cry about it on Valentine’s Day. I was so busy this past holiday that I barely thought about it. I have been in a relationship once on Valentine’s Day and it wasn’t even that great! haha! My parents usually send me little presents too which always puts a smile on my face. I think that on this day we should acknowledge people we love and care about regardless of it they’re our significant other or not!

Jasmine Poolson:

These are really good ideas! I had a hard time thinking about this question for some reason and I wish I thought of something as good as yours. I especially liked the customized chocolates idea. That is such a cute gift and I think it would be very popular on this holiday. Girls would love it if they’re boyfriend/husband came home with special, customized candies for them. I know I would! I think that having great deals on Valentine’s Day gifts would also attract customers. Most presents at stores are all about the same, so people would go for the cheapest price they find. Great ideas!

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue


This Valentine’s Day was not one I will remember in a good way. As most of my friends went out or hung out with boyfriends, I sat in the library studying for an exam. Not a particularly great way to spend my night. However, I didn’t sulk about it. In the past I have a had some great Valentine’s Days and not so great ones. My freshmen year in college I remember I went home to see my boyfriend at the time. It was just my luck that the weather was terrible and he couldn’t come. So I would say that on that Valentine’s Day I got the worst gift, NOTHING! It wasn’t the end of the world though and I don’t think I let him know that it bothered me. Last year was the most fun Valentine’s Day I have ever had. I went out with my friends, had some fun, and  received a cute gift from my family! I didn’t get it until a month later though because it got lost in the mail! Valentine’s Day has its ups and downs I guess!

I think that this holiday is promoted so much that people feel pressured too make sure they get roses and a teddy bear they will never use again. If I worked for a greeting card company, florist or chocolate manufacturer I would try my hardest to make customers come to us. I would persuade people to come to us by going above and beyond with advertisements. I would make the prices very desirable and put a lot of coupons in the paper. I think that because people can go pretty much anywhere to get some of these items, a company just has to go crazy with advertisements! This holiday is probably as big as it is because of companies trying to promote their products. It is interesting how people get so into such a holiday like this, when I bet people would be just as happy without all the gifts!

Pet Peeve Comments


Sydney Brown
Talking behind my back is definitely something I agree with! I feel like everyone is guilty of it at some point or another but when you really sit down and think about it, there is really no point. Lying is another thing that bothers me too. I feel like people don’t lie to me that much, and if they do, it normally is so stupid that I could care less. However, if it was something important and mean, I would definitely be mad. On the topic of eating my food, I think for me it all depends. In my apartment, we all buy our own food but will randomly share. If people ask, I normally don’t care. I think it is a courtesy thing. If it gets out of hand and people are abusing their rights, I would be upset. These are all good examples of pet peeves because I had a hard time thinking of some!

Collin Bryant
These made me laugh! Some I agree with and some I feel like I have caught myself doing!! I agree with the music thing! It drives me nuts because I feel like the people are intentionally trying to drive people crazy by drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. I also agree with people being to loud and breathing too loud. So annoying! The ones that made me laugh were popping knuckles and smacking gum. When I was younger I would always pop my knuckles and it drove my mom crazy. Eventually she told me that my knuckles would get so big I would never be able to wear rings, so I stopped! Also, when I go home and I am chewing gum my family always says I smack it. I don’t know if it is something I do only around them, or if my friends don’t care to tell me!