Bucket List Comments


Ali McConnell
I really like your bucket list! It is definitely diverse with many different ideas and experiences. I watch the Macy’s parade every year and I think it would be really cool to go to that too. I also think that going to Australia would be amazing! I have always loved it and think it would be a wonderful experience to go. My friend just went there and said it was great!! I forgot to put on my list to go to a Falcon’s game. You talking about being a Steeler’s fan really made me want to go to a pro football game! Skydiving however, does not appeal to me at all! I think it would be a great experience, but I would definitely panic more than I would have fun!

Gina Missini
These things are really interesting and have given me some ideas as to what I should add to my bucket list. I like the idea of traveling to famous landmarks. I also like the backpacking idea as well. One thing on your list however, really freaks me out! That is skydiving. A lot of my friends have done this and want to in the future, but it does not appeal to me one bit. I am terrified of heights and am not a huge fan of planes. I feel like the combination of both would make me freak out rather than enjoy the experience. I think that you have a really good bucket list, especially the part about getting married and starting a family. I feel like that is definitely the most fulfilling thing!


About hillmill1

I am a senior at Georgia Southern University. I am studying Public Relations and I am apart of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. I live in Johns Creek, Georgia and have lived in Georgia my whole life.

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