Myths and preconceptions of PR


I think there are a lot of myths about the field of Public Relations. Although my family and friends are very supportive about my major and what I want to do with it, I know many parents do not support their child’s interest when it comes to this field. Learning more about PR and talking to other students, I have come to the conclusion that Public Relations has a lot to offer and can be a very successful career path like most jobs out there. Some of the preconceptions about PR in my opinion include the following: only women do it, it’s all about press releases, and if you are a journalist, you can easily filter into the PR field.

Although women tend to dominate this field, men have positions and important roles when it comes to Public Relations. We have talked in PRCA 2330, why women tend to dominate. It is because of our social abilities, our creativeness, and our ability to listen easily. Just because women gravitate towards this career more than men, doesn’t mean that men aren’t a part of it. Also, PR is NOT all about press releases. This field is changing as communication and technology advance and I believe people’s jobs tend to change because of this. There is so much more to the job and depending on what people specifically do, it consists of many different day to day tasks. This brings me to my last point of how people think if they are a journalist, they can easily filter over to PR. I am sure some journalists could strive in the PR field; however I do know some would struggle. Journalism and PR are different in so many ways. In both careers, good writing is important. However, in PR, organization, creativity, and many other management aspects make it harder for these journalists to adapt.


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  1. I agree with you completely. I think that while a lot of journalists think they can easily just switch careers to PR, they are definitely wrong. I took the Intro to Journalism class last semester and am now in the Intro to PR class and see differences in the both just by being in the intro classes. Writing for journalism is completely different than writing for PR. Press releases are the complete opposite of articles. I hope that maybe we will start seeing more men in the PR profession. I do not think that is should be considered a woman career, because there are some men out there that would be great at it. Some men were just made for careers that involve you to be outgoing, personable and a great communicator.

  2. I know what you mean. I am sure my parents would prefer me to major in something in COBA, but I feel like anything that I would learn there, I could pick up in an office. I asked my dad and he said that he doesn’t use anything he learned in his major, he just picked up the basics of his job and ran with them, and he’s pretty good at it. For a job, I don’t want to go into science, nor art, nor english, I am pretty sure I want to do something in the business field, and having a grasp on PR rather than getting a general business degree gives me diversity. I honestly feel that getting a college degree is 90% of it, and PR is a valued position these days. What I am trying to say is that you can master the PR field and the business field (with on the job learning) as opposed to being saturated with knowledge of management functions and accounting in college and knowing nothing else on the job. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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